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Welcome to My Physio@home

My physio@home is a local, well-established home-visiting physiotherapists group dedicated for giving you, the best possible services. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive and personalised home based physiotherapy treatment with utmost care.

My physio@home provides professional and affordable one to one treatment at your own place. Our experienced physiotherapists are competent to deliver quality care using the most advanced physiotherapy techniques.

My physio@home can provide ongoing rehabilitation for any physical condition and chronic disability. Each Patient is individually assessed and a treatment plan will be discussed with you before we start treatment.


Client testimonial

Before 2 months I had knee injury and after investigation my orthodedic surgeon suggested me surgical repair of my knee ligament injury. After the surgery he adviced me for good physiotherapy. Dr. Jahnavi Shah used to come to my place for physiotherapy. I was very comfortable with her way of treatment. With knee rehabilitation she developed self-confidence so within a month I am able to walk properly without support. Even my orthopedic surgeon told me that because of good physiotherapy you recovered very fast. I thank dr. Jahnavi for make me walk and run as I used to do before surgery.

Dr Jahnavi's

About two years back, pain developed in my back, hip and in right leg due to compression of nerve roots near L4-L5-S1 discs. I was admitted into a leading Corporate Hospital in Vadodara and undergone various treatments and physio therapy. Further I tried acupuncture treatment also. However problem recurred within a year and some doctors advised me to take prolonged rest by again getting admitted into a hospital. Through my neighbours, I came to know about Dr Lavina who is staying nearby. She studied my reports and chalked out a comprehensive physio therapy treatment plan for my problem. Based on my capability and comfort, she evolved various exercises and stretches for me. Under her personal supervision and guidance I practiced all the exercises and stretches. To my pleasant surprise, the treatment plan was proved to be very effective and within a week of commencement of treatment, my back pain diminished to a great extent. After continuing the exercises daily for about 25 mins for a month, my back pain was completely vanished and I became normal and fit. I found Dr Lavina is versatile, knowledgeable and competent in her field and she is caring towards patients. I wish her all the success and bright future.

Dr Lavina's

Before consulting to Dr.sapna I had consulted to other therapist for my post operated open femoral fracture which need second remoulding also. But when I met with Dr.sapna I feel much comfortable with her way of treatment, and my orthopedician also get surprised after seeing my recovery now no need to go for other surgery also ,I am very much thankful to her for helping me to come back to my normal routine life so fast.

Dr Sapna's


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